February 23rd, 2005


Tofurky Jerky

The last time we were at Whole Foods, I picked up a small pack of Tofurky Jerky for the culinary experiment. This morning, I finally tried it out.

I expected it to be an inferior substitute for beef jerky; I expected it to have the wrong texture and less beef flavor, but I wasn't too worried, because so much of the flavor comes from smoke and salt and seasonings anyway.

These expectations were borne out from the first few chews--but then there was a vile and disgusting taste that made me spit it out in revulsion.


This is not a culinary improvement over being hungry.

10 Things

I'm following the meme. Here are 10 things I have done that you might not have (organized in chronological order):

1. Skipped a grade (which is probably far from unique)--in the middle of a school year.

2. Took a reading improvement class... and nearly failed.

3. Was the highest-scoring competitor at the 1988 Academic Decathlon National Championships.

4. Skipped my high school graduation to go to a math contest.

5. Visited all 48 of the Continental United States.

6. Improvised a stretcher in an emergency situation.

7. Worked for a time toward a double major in Computer Science and Feminist Studies.

8. Been a member of the elite cabal advising development on Illuminati: New World Order. (Though at least two of my LJ friends have also done this.)

9. Made and served a dinner featuring french fries in every course.

10. Made and served a dessert using SPAM.