March 3rd, 2005


Other RPGs

I'm again in a mood in which my attention is being captured by all the RPGs that might catch my eye. (Instead of focusing on preparing for the game I'm running now. I know.)

It turns out I last maundered on LJ about this in October 2003: Most of my thoughts there are still holding true, particularly the idea of running shorter games. Of the batch I mentioned there:

- Arcana Unearthed has sort of fallen off my radar.
- Adventure! still appeals, particularly since I had a rip-roaring time playing in bluelang's game.
- Buffy, the Vampire Slayer is fading in my appeal, particularly because Season 5 is so full of angst that it's getting difficult to watch. But there's still some appeal there.
- Call of Cthulhu isn't calling to me at this time.
- Castle Falkenstein isn't calling to me any more either.
- Exalted is still calling to me. I find myself wanting an opportunity to go into headlong geek mode and buy up all the books.
- Nobilis still appeals to me but boggles me. I haven't finished the book yet.

In newer games:
- I've just been reading Midnight, and I'm finding it very appealing. It's trying hard to feel more epic and to make magic more wondrous--and from what I've heard from others, it succeeds and feels very heroic.
- I've also heard that Dogs in the Vineyard does a good job of having rules mechanics that support the story, by making the rules very much about what the PCs care about.
- Of course, all these are very story-oriented games, and sometimes I feel that I'm better at playing in a gamist way. So I occasionally feel tempted to run something like "Tomb of Horrors" in a very by-the-rules way with no great character investment; whenever you kill a character, you take the next one on the pile and keep going. This might also be combined with play like the Order of the Stick, in which the characters know about their abilities, and can shout out "I GOT A 4!" when they blow a Move Silently check.

Of course, thinking about such things gives me remorse over the games I've started but not finished. Hijinx and My Life With Master come particularly to mind.