March 9th, 2005


Party Prep

A few miscellaneous things about preparing for our St. Patrick's Day Party:

- We've been having trouble getting stuff neat and organized. We've both been at least a bit sick, and we've also been busy. But I think we've got it under control. (If we didn't have these traditional parties to kick us into action, we might never get the house cleaned.)

- For the same sick and busy reasons, we're trying to tone down a little on our cooking. My goal is for us to just have an excess of food instead of our usual wretched excess. In particular, we're not making anything that we didn't make for last year's party, and we've dropped a few things from last year's menu. I keep feeling surprised or suspicious of myself for doing so.

- I always feel awkward and uncertain about what to do when we have cleaning people in. I feel rude and elitist hanging around typing on the laptop while they're vacuuming. I usually just retreat to another room while they're doing their work.

- Lori is the type of person who will stay up until midnight cleaning the bathroom so that the cleaning people won't face a messy bathroom. I am not at all like that.

- I really hope that tonight's trash night is our biweekly recycling night. Our recycling bins are nearly full, and if it's not taken away, we'll have to just bag up the recycling for later.

- Special tasks we still need to do:
* arrange a different trash can in another attempt to get people to distinguish the trash can from the recycling bin.
* Replace the scoop for the ice bucket, which was broken in an attempt to use it as a bottle opener.
* Arrange bottle openers in prominent places so that the scoop isn't broken again.