March 10th, 2005


D&D: Tremors

D&D tonight.

This might be one of the climactic battles of the campaign. Or it might be horribly anticlimactic.

I'm so nervous. I feel horribly underprepared--although it's not clear that there's any amount of prep that would make me feel really prepared.

I have the advantages necessary for a decent game--in particular, the support of willing and enthusiastic players. But I want this session to be perfect.

To do that, I need both good tactics and gameplay and compelling descriptions and good NPC dialog. It's a daunting task, but I'm going to do my best.

My players have all expressed some worry about getting overwhelmed in this battle; I've been worrying about not being able to land a hit. This may indicate that things are balanced. :-/

I'm crossing my fingers hoping this goes well.

I Talk Back to My Spam Again

Subject: did you know that there are schools in the world that have been selling graduation certificates online for over 50 years? We're one of them ;)

I do not believe that anyone has been selling anything online for over 50 years.

D&D Mar-10-2005


The battle is still going on. The PCs managed to defeat Garrett's henchman Melisande, though it looks like she will make it back to her coffin. They are still having trouble hitting Garrett, but they did manage to hit him and disrupt the evil ritual he was performing. Garrett is also having trouble hitting them, but has managed to land one blow with Weeping Wounds. The players have noted the irony that Garrett is using the glove of storing and the boots of speed that he took from the PCs.

I managed to avoid major tactical blunders; Melisande managed to hold her own for quite a while before going down. I've been using Garrett's Spring Attack and Mobility fairly effectively. I didn't manage vivid descriptions and outstanding taunts every time, but I managed fairly good descriptions fairly often--particularly with the descriptions of the grim revenge spell (which took several rounds before it finally hit Kyle's hand) and the first hit with the dagger Weeping Wounds.

I feel tired but satisfied.

More later.