March 28th, 2005


Dream log

Woke up with a dream out of a horror movie. The backstory was that a clan of hillbillies/fallen Southern aristocracy had discovered the secret of eternal life through anthropophagy; after we rejected their offer to join their clan, we became part of the planned menu.


It's been a very busy weekend. We hosted Easter dinner on Sunday. Lori's mother usually hosts, but she broke her arm a few weeks ago, so we offered to host. So we spent the weekend cleaning and cooking.

We ended up with ten for dinner: ourselves, Lori's parents, Heather and her boyfriend Sam, Lori's Aunt Laurene and Uncle Dave, and their daughter Hailey and her boyfriend Joe.

Our menu, with commentary:
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The dining table that I inherited from my grandparents seats 8 comfortably, but we had 10 diners. So we added a table to the room--which is to say that since I was grilling at the time, I asked a couple of people to move a table into the dining room. They put it at an odd diagonal angle to the main table; it didn't seem like a good fit to me, but I didn't argue, and it was at least adequate.

Dinner went very well, but I did find it very wearing. I found it a great help to go off by myself for a few minutes once or twice. And after our guests left, it was very nice to spend some time all by myself, with Lori in another part of the house as I loaded the dishwasher.

Next weekend will be another busy weekend, with D&D on Saturday and the Bunny Melt on Sunday. But we'll make it through somehow.