April 3rd, 2005


High Tea and Bunny Melt

Today we had our annual High Tea and Bunny Melt. I was introduced to this tradition by jeliza many years ago. (It might have been 1996, which would make this my tenth Bunny Melt, or perhaps 1995.) The core of this tradition is to celebrate the availability of cheap chocolate bunnies after Easter by chopping them up and making them into fondue.

This year's attendees were us, Dani and Monica, Mike, and the Maltzes. It wasn't a bright sunny day--it was snowing last night and when guests arrived. But the sun did start shining by the time people left.

Part of our traditional observance of this is a wretched excess of food, such that we're discarding food that we'd normally save, because we have no place to put it in our fridge. We managed to tone down our impulses a bit this year; we still had plenty of food, but we managed to keep ourselves from going too nuts.

Our menu, with commentary:
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Lori and I had both been kind of tired and busy going into this--we both felt disinclined to do it, and only the force of tradition brought us through. And I felt tired and out of sorts during the tea--I hope that it wasn't too evident. But despite these things, the tea really came off well, and I think it was a great event.