April 7th, 2005


D&D Apr-6-2005

Pretty satisfying session. It was basically a "kill things and take their stuff" interlude, but it met expectations.

I was more prepared for beating up monsters in the vampire's castle than for healing the dragon with the dagger, so my players obligingly changed their plans to accomodate me. (I'm so glad that my players cooperate with me like this.)

They teleported to outside the vampire's castle, and encountered a pair of mooncalves (large flying squid-things; you can see a picture of one here).

Liandra managed to use her languor spell on one right away, but the other one was more interesting. The combination of long reach, improved grab, increased damage on grapple checks because of its bite, and my recent recognition that you do unarmed strike damage when you start a grapple meant that it was able to dish out a lot of hit point damage. I think everybody was worried about their hit points at some point. It certainly did a lot more damage than the fight with Garrett.

But, of course, the PCs were willing to spend a lot of resources protecting themselves against Garrett, and they spent less against the mooncalves. And the hit point damage will be overcome quickly with wands of curing.

I did pretty well on monster tactics, I think. I did so-so on vivid descriptions; I'd forget them for several turns, and then throw in a bit of grasping tentacles.

I do wish we could run these fluffy bits a bit more quickly. I had four encounters planned for the return to Garrett's castle. We got through one of them in this session. I do want to do the other encounters--but I'm not sure I want to take three sessions for them.