May 11th, 2005


Spelling Bee

Lori was telling me about how her contestant for the spelling bee failed, and it reminded me of my own spelling bee experiences.

Twice, I won the school spelling bee (once in 5th/6th grade, and once in 7th grade--I think those were the only years I was eligible) and studied and practiced to go to the district spelling bee. Both years, I was the penultimate contestant to be eliminated--neither winner nor runner-up, but best of the rest.

One of the words that I was eliminated on was "safeguard"; I got as far as "s-a-f-e-g-A" and realized I had screwed up.

The memory still stings--and it's been 21 years or more since that happened.

(no subject)

There are, by the way, several topics I need to post LJ entries on. Particularly among these is our D&D session from April 30, which was so splendid that it really ought to be chronicled.

The big thing that's been interfering has been work. I've been wildly enthusiastic about work for the last few weeks; every day go in feeling fired up, spend the day making great strides and achieving great things, and leave with more on my plate that I'm looking forward to doing.

In all honesty, I'm saying this much more as a cheer than as a whine. But it does cut into my LJ-at-work time.