June 21st, 2005


D&D Jun-20-2005

Good D&D game tonight, though I think we were all not quite at our best.

The players managed to defeat Kepta-Mor, to no great surprise--he had cast almost all of his spells in the first night of the fight. The runic guardian's damage absorption made it a long, slow fight, though.

The moment that really turned the tide was when Larissa managed to use a telekinesis to rip the Dragon's Heart away from Kepta-Mor. He could have gotten it back, conceivably--but he failed to get off his own spell, and the tide never turned again.

It's possible that he could have escaped--but escaping wouldn't have made the game any more fun for anyone, so I didn't try. I think it went a bit too long for optimum fun as it was.

We weren't really able to get much banter going. I guess I was tired and other players were tired too.

Tonight, I gave Mike his Fiend Folio back--I'm pretty sure that I won't use any monsters from that book in the rest of this campaign. That really hit me with the realization that this game is going to end in a couple of sessions. The realization has freaked me out a bit.

I'll be very sad when this campaign ends. It's necessary for it to end--its great strength has been that it's moving toward a definite ending to make it a complete story. But like a parent whose kid is going off to college, I'll be sad for it to go even though I know it's the right thing.