July 16th, 2005


D&D Jul-14-2005

This was the epilogue of our D&D game. We spent five hours wrapping up all the threads. I tried to say "yes" to everything that the players suggested. We had lots of great wrapup and great scenes.

I felt happy and at peace when it was all over. I'm sure I'll miss it sometimes--but it was supposed to end, and it ended well.

This has been by far the longest project I have ever completed. There have been other things that took as long--college, or high school. But they were things I rode along with, not projects I planned and led.

The other remark I've made from time to time about the scope of this campaign is "with the amount of effort and thought I put in to this campaign, I could have done a Ph.D. thesis". And I think it's true. If I had a thesis idea that captured my imagination like this, and a support group as good as my players and the many people who helped me organize things, I could do a thesis without too much trouble. I don't think it's something I want to do, but I know that I could.

And in a sense, this really has been a thesis. Not that many gamers have done a campaign of this size that came to a conclusion. Having done this gives me some basis for some informed opinions about a subspace of gaming that not everyone has explored. Of course, reasonable humility calls for me to acknowledge the limits of what I know, and how little it might apply to other groups and other games. But still--I've done something pretty darn substantial.