September 16th, 2005


WoW: More Pet Tricks

I had read in the patch notes that pets could now learn only four active skills. But Humar still had 5 active skills, and the fact that you can now toggle the auto-use of those skills from the pet spellbook made that limitation less necessary from a UI point of view. So I thought that perhaps that limitation had not gone in. But it turns out that it has--when I tried to teach a fifth active skill to the Ninja Jungle Cat, I was denied.

I'm growing disenchanted with Prowl, though--the speed reduction makes it hard for the Ninja Jungle Cat to keep up with me when I'm running.

After retraining the Ninja Jungle Cat, I determined that the effects of Prowl and Dash do stack--but the combined effect is still slower to enter combat than unmodified speed.

And the Prowl only gets a bonus to the first attack it makes. So unless I'm wanting to use the scouting ability, I'm not sure how useful Prowl is.

So I'm still waffling about my preferred set of four active skills for a pet. Growl is certainly on the list. I'd follow that up with an attack power (probably Claw for a cat, because I don't see Humar using Bite quite as much), and probably Dash. That leaves one slot, for which the candidates are Cower, Prowl, and Bite. Of these, I've just recorded my frustrations with Prowl; I usually leave Cower turned off; and Humar usually uses Bite once and then focuses on Growl.