September 17th, 2005


WoW: Purple Epic Bow

Apparently Gwen is right: I have awesome dice luck in Warcraft.

So I was messing around in WoW last night. I had just killed Overlord Ror for a quest, when someone else asked for help killing him. I offered to help because I was in the area already. So we ended up with a party of three. We easily killed Overlord Ror by picking off his neighbors as they respawned, and then stayed together to do several more quests.

And as we were heading into the Irontree Cave to look for blood amber, a Warpwood Shredder dropped Hurricane. I selected 'Need' and the priest and the warlock chose 'Greed', so it was mine, all mine.

This is a bow that sells for around 200 gold in the auction house. And I was giving serious consideration to paying that much to buy one--but I was waffling, because it'd be so much cooler to use a bow that I or my buddies found than to just buy one. So getting this was just pure delight.

The bow is incredibly fast. My previous bow had a base attack speed of one arrow every 2.8 seconds; Hurricane fires an arrow every 1.6 seconds. So using this bow hemmorhages arrows--but before you feel too much sympathy for me, I have to acknowledge that that statement might be a boast, not a whine.

Later in that cave, I (level 55), the level 51 warlock, and the level 50 priest took out the level 56 elite Dessecus without too much trouble. I engaged Rapid Fire, and the Quick Shot effect from my Improved Aspect of the Hawk kicked in at the same time--so according to my math, I was firing at a rate of an arrow every 0.7-0.8 seconds. I certainly believe it--it looked like I was snapping arrows off incredibly fast.

In summary: W00t!