October 3rd, 2005


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Two big things this weekend:

- Big housecleaning. We're finally getting around to calling people to replace the windows and put siding on the house. This means that we need to get the house clean... all of it. For years, we've cleaned the downstairs for parties by shoving all the clutter into the upstairs. That practice is now coming back to bite us. But we've really made a lot of progress; the side bedroom that turned into storage is more clean than it's been in years.

- Big payout. This weekend, we sent off a check that paid off the rest of Lori's loan for grad school. I am giddy with excitement. We've been paying this off very aggressively, since this was a loan from my family--the payment we've been making has been larger than the principal and interest on our mortgage. So this will be almost as big a boost to our monthly budget as Lori getting a job.

This might be what it takes for me to feel that our long spell of financial pinching has finally ended.