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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Wednesday, November 9th, 2005
10:46a - WoW Update
World of Warcraft has still been taking a bunch of my time:

Mazumok hit level 60 about a week and a half ago. It was sort of anticlimactic. Read more...Collapse )


Before hitting 60, I had not been doing much soloing with Mazumok, because I wanted to spend his last few levels working with friends. After hitting level 60, though, I returned to some of that. I spent a lot of time farming the dragonkin near Lake Mennar in Azshara to collect blue dragonscales for a set of blue dragonscale mail for Margle. I ended up teaming up at one point with someone whom I believe really was a Chinese gold farmer. Read more...Collapse )

This has me thinking about the wages of gold farming. Read more...Collapse )


After finishing Margle's blue dragonscale set, I got asked by another person how much I would charge to make the set of another player without materials. I could not identify a price for which I would be willing to do those multiple days of farming.


The major disappointment of Mazumok doing dragonscale leatherworking is that I don't have any dragonscale recipes that really suit a hunter. Black dragonscale mail is the most hunter-appropriate, but even at level 60, it's not easy for me to farm the dragonkin that drop black dragonscales.

And I hesitate to ask others to help me farm, because it's really rather boring. If I'm teamed up with a friend, there's almost always something better to do.


The two weeks before Halloween had lots of fun in Warcraft: jack-o-lanterns everywhere, and trick-or-treating that could provide candy and random costumes. It was really very nifty.


With Biba's guidance, I've been going through some high-end instances (Blackrock Depths and Stratholme so far). I still feel like quite a button-mashing newbie, but Biba has credited me with redeeming some fights from ruin.

This hasn't always worked out, though: after these two instances, we tried to go through Dire Maul, and ended up wiping so many times that my bow completely wore out. Oops.


I've also been battlegrounding a bit. In just a couple of Warsong Gulch games during the Warsong Gulch holiday, I managed to pick up enough honor to leap from Scout to Sergeant. I die a whole lot--again I feel like I'm doing a lot of spastic button-mashing. But I'm rising through the ranks quickly.


The Darkmoon Faire has come back to the Horde this week. I was entertaining the idea of trying to collect the 1200 tickets for the Amulet of the Darkmoon, which is a wonderful amulet for a hunter. But I did the math, and that would require 2400 rugged leather--with the amount of time I have to get heavy leather, it's just not worth it. I've accumulated 200 tickets, though, and I think I'll save them for the trip in January.


I visited the Darkmoon Faire last night to get all these tickets, and discovered a new event there: you can get fired out of a gnomish cannon and try to land in the river instead of the too too solid ground. I never managed to get the timing right, though Margle finally did manage it. It was impressive to see the line of skeletons crossing the river.

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