February 2nd, 2006


WoW Mundanities

With Mazumok, I've been grinding for reputation with the Timbermaw Furbolgs. The recent patch has vastly improved the grinding process (with repeatable quests that you might want to repeat, for example), but it's still pretty boring. And I've realized that Maz is only interested in the patterns he would get access to for completism. It might be nice for, say, bearform druids, but strength doesn't matter so much for a hunter, and the materials are a challenge.


I have a new character, a troll priest named Rajana. I'll try to keep her as a peer for Bluatala.

We actually have quite a few in that level zone; we should be able to do a run into Ragefire Chasm as soon as Blue gets a convenient time.

One complication of having so many alts: we have a lot of gatherers. I think that in this bracket, we have two miner/engineers, two miner/herbalists (Rajana is one), and a herbalist/alchemist (as well as a tailor/enchanter and a skinner/leatherworker, but those don't complicate things so much).
As a pure gatherer, I waffle a bit about whether I should give the things I gather to my buddies. On the one hand, they have actual use for the items, and I like being generous. On the other hand, collecting for the auction house is the way I'll be making my money. It seems to me at least that I should provide the materials I can gather for items they make for me, but I'm still sorting out what the right balance is.
I'm also considering switching gathering professions, because leatherworking is underrepresented in this group. But I'm not sure which one to drop. Mining is overrepresented with the two engineers. But I'm more interested in mining than in herbalism, because I have another herbalist already, and I'm somewhat interested in the mining experience.


Amalefica has progressed to a point such that she can sell enchants for at least a small profit. She's close to the point where she'll need to make a run into Uldaman to learn greater skill and new recipes. She has enough materials in the bank that she'll be able to waste 25 enchants while she's down there and learn all the recipes in a single visit.


Mahotala has been idle since participating in a raid on Omen (a giant devil-dog to be killed as part of the Lunar Festival celebrations). (Killing Omen was a blast, even if I spent an inordinate amount of time dead.) He has so many fireworks that he has little inventory space left over. His alchemy is at 260; he ought to crank it up to 275 so that he can do arcanite transmutes while he's idle.


I've learned that I'll be getting a 30-inch LCD display at my desk at work. I'm going to have to come in some weekend to play WoW on the ginormous screen.