February 3rd, 2006


WoW: Enchanting for friends

My general policy with my leatherworker has been to make friends and lower-level alts anything that they want and can use. I enjoy this policy.

But I think it may need some tweaking for my enchanter. There are no level limits for enchantments, so it would be technically possible to put a Crusader enchant on a fishing pole. So where's the line of what's reasonable?
(This hasn't actually come up in play yet; no one has asked me for anything unreasonable. But it's worth thinking about it to moderate my own generous impulses.)

Obvious reasonable territory: I'm certainly willing to do any enchantment for which someone provides the materials. I'm certainly willing to give my experience and time for free to my friends.

But that's not as generous as I am with the leatherworking, where I'll give away all the materials (at least, the materials that I can easily farm). So maybe I want to be more generous than the policy I described above.

Waffle waffle.

Go Steelers!

In general, I've been apathetic to sports. I enjoyed watching college basketball with my girlfriend in college, but I hardly watched any sports beforehand, and have rarely watched sports after.

The general Pittsburgh sentiment is entirely different, though--particularly now that the Steelers are going to the Super Bowl. There's black and gold everywhere, Lori's school will be starting late the day after the game, and I've read plans for post-game riot management.

And I'm really having fun with it. I watched the playoff games at Kevin's house, with a big audience of fans, and I really got into it. Sometime in the last ten years, I've developed just enough knowledge of football rules to understand what's going on, though I'm not expert on the names of the positions and such. I remember not having that knowledge--particularly when we played football in PE in junior high. But now, I can name and recognize at least four Steelers players, and I'm having a blast.

I may even buy a Terrible Towel.

One other comment: many of the most famous Steelers--I'm thinking particularly of Jerome Bettis, Ben Roethlisberger, and Troy Palomalu--seem like really nice guys, whom I'd be happy to drink a beer with. That's a cool thing.