February 6th, 2006


Super Bowl

The Steelers won the Super Bowl. Woot!

That was a harrowing game to watch as a Steelers fan. For much of the game (particularly the first half), the Seahawks were playing more solidly than the Steelers, getting first downs consistently whereas the Steelers weren't. And there were many times when the Seahawks nearly scored--far fewer chances for the Steelers.

But the Steelers scored on three of their four opportunities (just barely, in the case of Roethlisberger's touchdown), and the Seahawks' completed far fewer of theirs. But it wasn't smooth by any stretch of the imagination.


We were watching the game at Kevin's house, atop a hill in Shaler, above Etna. When we went out to the car, we could hear the jubilant crowd downtown.

There was snow on the roads, which made the drive home worrisome at times. But there were lots of chances to honk horns and wave the Terrible Towel at other revelers.


[Edited to add:] The slogan "one for the thumb" is now used up. I predict that the next slogan will involve the phrase "six-pack".