March 11th, 2006


St. Patrick's Day Party, March 2006

March 11 was our sixth annual St. Patrick's Day party. (This was posted on March 28.) That's pretty cool; six is a lot.

We'd been having a lot of trouble getting enthusiastic about our St. Patrick's Day Party this year. We'd even thought about cancelling the party. But magentamom was coming from out of town, which made it a fête accompli.

But we didn't publicize it much, and attendance was down a bit; I counted 37 people over the course of the night.

We had more gaming than usual, because Austin instigated games early, and we had more gamers arriving late.

We had less music than we've often had, though; a particular cause was that Heather didn't invite as many of her musical friends as she often does.


There was one unfortunate incident at the party: one of our guests became so drunk that she passed out. Her husband was dismissive, and just left her on the floor of the living room, in a reasonably trafficed route. It wasn't as worrisome as the past incident where someone too drunk to drive was determined to drive, but it was still problematic.

But then, to make matters worse, another guest thought it would be funny to take pictures of the passed-out woman--and then thought it would be funny to take a picture of two people posing with the passed-out woman such as to feign a threesome. Eww!

Talking to the photographer is problematic, because we don't want to have a falling-out with her. But this isn't the first time she's displayed such crassness, and this was really beyond the pale.


We tried one new culinary experiment for this party. We made "colcannon cups", filling shells of refrigerated biscuit dough with colcannon (a traditional Irish dish of mashed potatoes and cabbage.) For those who remember the Pierogie Cups I once made, this was a similar effect, but using a mini-muffin pan instead of a full-sized muffin pan.

It was a risk, because we had neither tried it before, nor had a recipe to work from. But it came out very well; people liked them quite a bit. Worth making again.


I have forgotten parts of our menu and mislaid the paper where we'd written it. But here's what I remember:

Chips and salsa (mostly eaten)
Pretzels with raspberry-wasabi dipping mustard (eaten a fair bit, but plenty left over. Lots of favorable comments.)
Colcannon Cups, as mentioned above. (Made 40, IIRC, which was about the right amount.)
Devil's Food cupcakes (an accident during the making of the icing prevented them from being iced. More were left over than usual.)
A large veggie tray (lots of leftovers)
Cheese and sausage (a Giant Eagle "Gibson tray". About half eaten.)
A normal-size box of Triscuits. (Completely eaten. We should have gotten the family-size box.)
A cheese ball. (About 1/4 eaten, as usual.)
Shamrock cookies from Giant Eagle.
A box of hot appetizers. (Not served.)


Despite being so low-energy before the party and deliberately trying to steer it to be a bit smaller, I felt disappointed by the turnout. We did get to see a lot of new attendees, particularly Fade and Rob and their guests Steve and Kelly (?), Gwen and Jack, Chris and Mari. But the flip side of that is that there must have been eight folks who used to come who didn't come to this party... and I feel sad about that. (In particular, we got very few of the old Claritech/Queria folks.)