April 7th, 2006


[WoW] Enchanting is still a money pit

I am very willing to share items among my alts, and I'm very willing to expend labor from one alt on behalf of another alt. But I'm very loath to have one of my alts give money to another. (I have no explanation that makes this sound rational.) I've begrudged Amalefica the money she's had to borrow from Mazumok (100g over a few months), and I've had intentions of her repaying it at some point.

Amalefica does not yet know the enchantment to apply +7 intellect to bracers. It lists in the auction house for a few hundred gold. (300g seems most common, but either it doesn't sell at that price, or the person who lists it at that price has a lot of them to sell.) Ama had about So instead, Mazumok has been farming Vilebranch Shadowcasters in Jintha'alor for the formula, which they (and only they) drop 1% of the time. So far, I've killed just over 100 Shadowcasters over the course of two days. Which of course means that there's a 1/e chance of it dropping during that time, so it's not too surprising that it hasn't dropped yet. But it's a bit frustrating that there's no sense of progress towards this goal; I expected to have to kill about 100 shadowcasters on average before getting the formula, and now that I've done so, I still expect to have to kill an average of about 100 shadowcasters.

(Farming these is sort of unusual. The aggro radius on them and their Vilebranch Berserker neighbors is really small for me at level 60, so I'm almost completely able to sidestep the berserkers to focus on the shadowcasters. This would make a big problem if they ran, since there would be many opportunities to pick up adds. But the berserkers don't run, and the shadowcasters don't get far when they try. But there are only ten spawn points, and I'm already at the point that I have specific strategies for some individual spawn points.)

And then, today, as I was flying off to the Hinterlands, someone advertised the formula for the Crusader enchant for sale for the low price of 450g. (It is a lower-than-usual price, albeit not a super-low price. They were trying to raise money quickly for something even more expensive.) After some dithering, I bought it for Amalefica. She's now far far deeper in the hole.

I've been told that Crusader enchants sell for 150g with the recipient providing the materials, so it's plausible that Amalefica could sell enough to repay Mazumok.

But first, she needs a Runed Arcanite Rod. The cost of arcanite has been skyrocketing since the 1.10 patch (from 25g pre-patch to 40g or more now), and the rest of the materials cost about 80g now, so the rod will probably cost about 80g in materials. (Do any other professions have such expensive tools?) It may be that the way I deal with this is to have Mazumok make a bunch of things for Amalefica to disenchant to replenish her supply of dusts and essences. (But for some reason, I don't add that to Amalefica's debt to Maz. See? I make no sense.)

The other quirky thing about this is that the only benefit I get from Amalefica having this enchant is the potential financial benefit. Amalefica certainly doesn't want to use a crusader enchant, because that would require--eww--melee. Mazumok has other enchants he would prefer, as well. And even if I did want that enchant for my other characters, Amalefica couldn't perform it on them. (Our shamans might be pretty happy to have it in the guild, though.)

It's things like this, the need to beg an escort into Uldaman, and the fact that Ama has thrived only by disenchanting others' castoffs that makes me think that an enchanter really needs the support of a group to thrive. I regret that we didn't realize that earlier, and didn't give Jandana so much support as we were leveling up.