April 26th, 2006



Last night, I got really severely drunk for the first time.

The hotel I was staying in had a happy hour with free drinks for hotel guests, a well-stocked bar, and a pleasant bartender who had introduced me to mai tais on a previous stay. And I wasn't driving anywhere. (Laura and Jeff were meeting me, but they could drive.) So I felt at liberty to try drinks, without worrying about the consequences.

So I had a mai tai (and a bit of the appetizers they had--but not many, because I was going to go out to dinner with Larua and Jeff).

And then I had an appletini at the bartender's recommendation. (Yummy.) At this point, I was certain that I was not able to drive safely.

Then the bartender offered me his Art of the Cocktail book to look through. I admired the pictures, but deciding on one was a challenge. (I could still find coherence and logic, but I had to search to do so.) So I had a Cosmopolitan since the bartender had recommended it when recommending the appletini. (Mm, that was delicious.)

During the cosmopolitan, my face and lips started tingling, like a foot fallen asleep. In the future, I will treat this as a sign that I should stop drinking--although perhaps the correct interpretation of this sign is that I should already have stopped drinking.

When Laura and Jeff showed up as I was halfway through a Sex on the Beach, I was unable to walk a straight line, even with effort. I went to the restroom and neatly threw up.

We went to the hotel room to drop off my stuff, and there I threw up again, not neatly at all. Jeff called housekeeping while I lay down on the couch for a moment. Laura and Jeff decided to go get takeout, and I latched the door open for the housekeeping staff--and then I must have passed out, because I don't remember the housekeeping staff entering at all. But when I found it necessary to throw up again once Laura and Jeff had returned, the mess had been cleaned up.

I didn't feel like eating with Laura and Jeff, and I don't think that I remember all of their visit. I do remember that just after vomiting, I said, "Even when I'm this intoxicated, I'm still composing a LJ post about it in my head."

Eventually, they left and suggested I get some sleep. I staggered to the bed, shucked my clothes haphazardly, and crashed into bed. I woke up again at 3am, with all the lights on. I drank a lot of water and went back to bed.

Wasn't badly hungover the next day; Laura and Jeff (and I, later) had been careful about getting lots of water into me--and it's possible that I vomited up some of the alcohol as well.

I don't have too many regrets about getting so schnockered. I regret not being better company for Laura and Jeff. (Though I'm glad they were nearby when I was so indisposed.) And I didn't enjoy being so drunk, much less the vomiting. If it weren't for the novelty of the thing, I'd have happily done without.

But it does count as "valuable life experience". And it was a very low-consequence way of getting that valuable life experience.
I wasn't inconvenienced by my inability to drive.
I didn't endanger anybody.
I didn't make a spectacle of myself to anyone but Laura and Jeff.
And I didn't even have to clean up my mess. (Although I left a very large tip for the housekeeping staff. I'm very happy with that exchange.)