May 18th, 2006


[WoW] Next character

My lowest-level character has reached level 32, so I've started thinking about what my next character should be. So I'm inviting input from my readers.

I've currently arranged things so that I can cover all eight race/sex pairs with all eight classes. Having realized that I can do that, my obsessive-compulsive qualities are going to compel me to do so.

There are three race/sex pairings I haven't tried: male troll, female orc, male undead. There are three classes I haven't tried yet: warrior, warlock, and rogue.

All three of these classes can be warriors or rogues, but trolls cannot be warlocks. So there are four possible matchups:

A. male undead warlock, male troll warrior, female orc rogue
B. male undead warlock, male troll rogue, female orc warrior
C. male undead rogue, male troll warrior, female orc warlock
D. male undead warrior, male troll rogue, female orc warlock

So there's the consideration of racial abilities:

Orcs have abilities to increase pet damage, favoring warlock, but also have Blood Fury, which would favor warrior or rogue. Blood Fury might slightly favor the rogue over the warrior, because the healing debuff is more uncomfortable when you're tanking.

Troll abilities (berserking, health recovery) seem handy for both warriors and rogues.

Undead: Will of the Forsaken is useful for almost anyone. Cannibalize might be slightly less useful for warlocks than for the melee classes, because warlocks have other ways to regain health/mana.

And then there's the consideration of wanting to be different from my guildmates. (I grappled with this consideration for quite a while with my druid. Then I realized that there are only two Horde choices for druids, so I felt better.)

None of my guildmates have a main character that conflicts with one of these types. In fact, none of my guildmates have a main character with one of these classes at all.

Unfortunately, both "male troll rogue" and "male troll warrior" have prominent alts in the guild. And the player of the male troll rogue also has a male undead warrior. (And might even have a female orc warlock, but if so, she's less prominent.)

Once I decide what matching to go with, there's also the question of which one to go with first. I'm somewhat leaning towards a warrior, for a couple of reasons:
- I haven't tried blacksmithing yet, and warriors get much more use from blacksmithing than other horde classes.
- Tanks are pretty popular for instances, almost as much so as healers.

Rambling done for the nonce. I welcome comments.