June 6th, 2006



Busy weekend for me in Warcraft this week.

Saturday morning, Blue logged on with enough time to run an instance (which is rare for him). So we managed to gather a four-man group into the Armory of Scarlet Monastery, with me playing Rajana. (The instance reset and respawned everything while we were inside, which caused us to wipe. Most unfortunate.)

After we finished with that and Blue had to leave, we switched to 30-something characters, recruited a couple more, and went into Gnomeregan. (The problem with pick-up recruiting for Gnomeregan among Horde is that if you're not planning to go to Gnomeregan, it can be a great hassle to get there, because without a warlock, getting there requires a trip to Orgrimmar then to Booty Bay.) Marendyn tanked in bear form, and got a very nice Manual Crowd Pummeler.

After that, we switched again and went through Zul'farrak (me playing Mahotala). The warrior we picked up seemed juvenile, but played well. Unfortunately, we didn't realize that we needed to talk with the goblin in Sergeant Bly's party to get the gate blown open to the chieftain. Oops.

That evening, Mazumok managed to get into a Scholomance run, which unfortunately fizzled before getting to any of the bosses I wanted to get to.

Late at night, spent some time in Alterac Valley at Margle's invitation. Racked up 500 honor kills, over 1000 points of reputation, a piddling 5000 points of honor, and no progress towards the goal in the time I was there.

Sunday morning, teamed up on Stromgarde quests with Rajana.

And then Sunday afternoon, Zinzin came on, so I switched to team up with her and a friend's rogue Karaka. We were Pure Awesome. We ripped through a bunch of Barrens quests, generally preferring orange quests when we could find them. And then for a finale, the three of us went into Northwatch Hold at level 15, when the level-20 quest was still bright red. And we accomplished it swimmingly, culminating with me tanking the level-20 captain while the other two polished off the other humans then came to help me. And we managed to control the runners so that we had no trouble with the escort which was also bright red. I was extremely impressed with us.
Tonight, we're going into Ragefire Chasm; after our stunning success on Sunday, I'm quite looking forward to it.