June 16th, 2006


[WoW] Wailing Caverns

Went on a Wailing Caverns run last night that confirmed the trend of Pure Awesome.

Our core was Roktazza (my warrior), Zinzin, and Karaka (rogue alt of one of the Bloodmoons). All of these were level 18, which is a bit lighter than I've been doing WC before.
We picked up a 21 druid and a 25 priest.
As we were clearing toward Cobrahn, Karaka went offline suddenly. (I found out this morning that his power had gone out.)
We waited for a few minues, then continued clearing to Cobrahn.
When we got to Cobrahn, we decided to wait a bit longer to see if Karaka came back, and went towards Pythas and Serpentis.
But Karaka never came back. So we killed Pythas and Serpentis as a foursome.
And killed Verdan (the big nature elemental).
And then we went back to Cobrahn (with all the respawn), and then killed Anacondra, and did the final event--all with just four of us.
Without any deaths in the whole run. I was impressed.

At this point, I'm feeling like a good tank, but not necessarily an awesome tank. Aggro kept leaking away from me and I'd have to scramble to regain it.
I wasn't keenly aware of the healing except during the Verdan and Mutanus fights. (Verdan hits really hard!) But, the healing must have been excellent, because of the whole no-dying thing. Yay for Zinzin, who seemed to be taking most of the healing burden. (And I didn't notice her being perpetually low on mana, the way she was when we ran Ragefire Chasm. Either the other priest was helping a lot, or we're doing something better.)
And the druid did a great job of being flexible. She would DPS on single fights, tank when we had two things to deal with (since we were low on crowd control), and I know that she was healing me some times.

I started the run about 40% through level 18. After the final event, I was 90% through level 19. After turning in all the quests, I was about 55% through level 20.

And, of course, when you're playing above average like this, the loot is a lot better for your level. I ended up with a mail breastplate dropped off Mutanus that I can't even wear until I'm level 23. And having blues that you can barely wear makes it a lot easier to get future such blue items.

One other thing that may have contributed to the run: over a few days beforehand, I had spent a bit of my blacksmithing profits shopping in the auction house, so I had a fair bit of gear that was as high-level as I could wear. (I replaced much of that during the run. I replaced my new belt twice during the evening.)