June 27th, 2006



Last night, I noticed Duke staring intently at a little black object in the corner and occasionally batting at it. When it scurried under the couch, I realized that we had a mouse in hour house. The scurry kicked Duke into high gear, and he started scrabbling furiously under the couch.

(We have three cats, Duke, Ella, and Louie. Now's the time to make bets on who eventually caught the mouse.)

We encouraged the cats to handle the intruder, but though they were interested, they didn't manage to catch it. Our attempts to bait the mouse into the open with peanut butter were unsuccessful, as were our attempts to flush it from hiding with a broom.

We eventually went to bed without resolving the mouse problem. Lori said she heard crashes of cat activity during the night.

When we went downstairs in the morning, Louie was sniffing intently near the bookcase. So I moved it out, and he sprang behind the couch. The mouse scampered out underneath the couch. So I moved out the couches. The mouse scurried out, but managed to get to safety before Louie could nab it.

Moved the couches around a bit more, and then Lori noticed that Ella was intently watching a mouse in the entryway. When she batted experimentally at it with a paw, it dashed to a hiding place behind the trash can.

I lifted up the trash can... and managed to clap my hands down on it as it tried to escape. We chastized the cats for not doing their job better than a human.

I wasn't dressed to go outside; I wasn't willing to risk the mouse getting away while I got dressed or anything; I wasn't willing to kill the mouse myself; and I didn't trust the cats to do the job. So I opened the back door and hurled the mouse as far as I could into the lawn. I hope it will be a while before it comes back in.