August 22nd, 2006


[WoW] Mahotala and the Hammer

Last week, Mazumok got a lucky drop while I was farming savage fronds: [Taran Icebreaker]. I'm debating what to do with it.

Mazumok doesn't want to wield it. It lists in the auction house for 80g on average. This is small enough for me that I don't really care about the money--particularly since it may take a while to sell. (I've had bad luck selling off blue items.)

Of my characters of the right level, one is a druid who usually fights in forms; one is a priest; and one is a mage. The only one who might use it is Mahotala, a 52 shaman.

I've been feeling more or less done with Mahotala.
He's okay to solo, but he goes out of mana with almost every fight. (His gear is not that great for his level, admittedly.)
He's not so much fun in groups, though, because I end up feeling that I'm not particularly good at any role. (The last time I tried to tank with him was dismal.)

And if he goes up in levels much more, he'll hit the part of the game where all there is to do is instances and PvP.
But I already have one character who doesn't have a special role in groups: Mazumok.
And I want to focus my PvP on Mazumok, because I want to hit those nice PvP rewards someday.
I can't even be bothered to grind faction reputation with Mahotala, because it seems that the only alchemy recipes he would get are unprofitable transmutes.

So maybe Mahotala is just an arcanite factory. And if Maho's just an arcanite factory, he doesn't need an epic weapon.
But maybe giving him this hammer would make him fun again. I can imagine that it might lead to big windfury hits (with the occasional ball of fire for good measure).

I would welcome commentary from others.

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Not a genius day at work.

Unplugged something to plug in the laptop.

Then spent an hour or more trying to figure out why I couldn't wake my desktop from showing a black screen.