August 25th, 2006


GURPS Aug-25-2006

(Posted September 7. I'm slow to update sometimes.)

In this session, we made our way to a ruined tower occupied by mercenaries whom we hoped would aid us in our upcoming battle against a necromancer.

To make the fight manageable, Kevin had us come in on one of the skirmishes that was critical to the overall course of the battle. Two enemies mages were protected on all sides by eight zombie mulits (mulits are essentially ogres), and the combination force was mowing through the mercenaries.

We managed to take down that unit pretty handily with good tactics and a little luck--Klantic cast an obscurity ritual on the Survivor with a critical success, allowing him to sneak in amongst the mages and let his magic suppression shut them down. In the meantime, our warriors used focused fire to bring down the zombie mulits without too much trouble.

At one point, I rolled a critical success to hit a mulit, and rolled "triple damage" on the critical hit table. Since I had just used a Warrior's Blessing for a short-term boost to strength, I was rolling 5d-1 for damage. The dice came up as a 14. The other guys at the table urged me to use my Luck advantage to reroll the dice for a bigger result. My first reroll was a 14 again, but the second reroll was a 24. After taking armor and all the multipliers into account, this ended up being a whopping 97 points of damage. (For those who don't know GURPS: a normal human will go unconscious after 10 points of damage. 60 points of damage on a normal person is 'dead, no saving throw.' 110 points of damage on a normal person is 'dead, not enough bits to resurrect.')
This blew past our previous single-attack damage record of 60-something points.

Strategically, this probably wasn't my best move. Since undead die when they go to zero hit points instead of going unconscious, 52 points of damage (from the roll of 14) would have been just as effective as the 97. And using the Luck then allowed a mulit to get a hit in on me later (though the damage turned out to be minimal, it could have been severe).

But the campaign is almost over, and I do feel gratified about the thought of ending the campaign with the damage record.