November 1st, 2006


[WoW] Marendyn

Marendyn (my Tauren druid) has had an exciting time lately.

On Saturday, she hit level 60. It was in the middle of an instance run (into Blackrock Depths) with friends, which was just the way I wanted to hit that milestone.

On Sunday morning, Marendyn went into Alterac Valley for the first time. (I want to hit Sergeant for the very-tanky cloak and for the discount on an epic mount.) I had the good fortune to join a group with good organization; the honor from that one victory catapulted me from 'never PvPed' up two levels to Grunt.

On Sunday afternoon, we took a four-man trip into Sunken Temple, which we cruised through smoothly. I was the tank for the group; I felt proud of taking 82% of the damage for the run.

This morning, I tried some Arathi Basin (PVP will definitely be a learning experience; I got badly outplayed by another druid, but I managed to at least slow her down until reinforcements arrived).

I then tried a stealth run into Blackrock Depths. I managed to avoid the dog patrols that see through stealth, bring down Lord Roccor, and get the Idol of Ferocity that I wanted, on my first try.


Our guild has gone through a sea change recently.

For a long time, we had a small population of high-level characters, and those characters were mostly soloing specialists. We had a lot of hunters and shamans.

Now, though, we have a new wave of 60s. Our roster of active characters over 50 now includes two feral druids, two warriors (with another warrior as a friend of the guild), two healing-oriented priests, a restoration-focused druid, and two mages. We'll be able to run a lot more high-level instances with this crew.

Mazumok is somewhat jealous of Marendyn's opportunity.