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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Tuesday, November 7th, 2006
4:34p - Fish
This morning, I dropped Lori's mother off at Lori's sister's house in Lawrenceville. (She can't drive yet after her surgery, and she was going to Heather's house to await furniture delivery on Heather's behalf. Part of this, of course, is that Lori's mother has been yearning to do useful things, and I'm happy to help with that.)

My route from Heather's house to work led through Bloomfield, and that made me think of the lunches I used to have when I worked at Queria. Bloomfield had a great many tasty, cheap lunch places. I sometimes think nostalgically of the lunches from Thai Cuisine or People's Indian--but if I were to go back to Bloomfield for lunch, I would probably go to Tessaro's for a delicious hamburger instead, because going back would be a special occasion and that's a special meal. (And I haven't been back to Bloomfield for lunch since Queria went bust, which means that it's probably been at least two years.)

But at 9am, most of those lunch places weren't open. But one was: Donatelli's Italian grocery. I considered getting a meatball hoagie, but decided on the nostalgic choice of a fish sandwich.

The fish sandwich really was about the size and shape of a football; it comes with a full pound of fried fish between two large-but-inadequate buns. I ate half of the sandwich at 1pm--and at 3:30, I'm still feeling excessively full.

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5:44p - Stability
One thing that's been on my mind lately:

I joined Apple in February 2003. This means that I've now been working at Apple for three and a half years, or a bit more.

That means that I have passed or have nearly passed the length of time I worked at Claritech. So this is a new record for me for tenure in any job.

And before Claritech, there was CMU for four years, and four years of Stanford before that. High school was three years, junior high was three years, and elementary school covered three different schools, with no more than three years at any one--so I'm getting close to a record for time spent with any institution.

And Apple seems to be thriving, Apple's management seems happy with our group, and our group's management seems happy with me. It looks like I won't have to leave in the forseeable future.

This is an unprecedented level of stability for me.

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