January 4th, 2008


[WoW] Heroic Mechanar Slog

Had a really rough run through Heroic Mechanar last night, the sort of run where we were just making barely enough progress to keep going despite the frustration.

Our group makeup was a little odd. For most of the instance, we had a protection warrior, a protection paladin, a feral druid, a rogue, and a holy priest. This meant that we had only Sap and Cyclone for crowd control, and all our DPS was melee. Furthermore, both the priest and the paladin (our main tank) were a bit less well-geared and well-skilled than the DPS folks. We did have plenty of folks who were capable of tanking with proper planning, though.

It was a pretty hard slog.
We had a whole lot of accidental deaths and the occasional wipe on trash. I'd pull aggro (I'm too used to tanking... I'd pull aggro even with Blessing of Salvation on) and die, or the tank would take a bit more damage than the healer could cope with.
We wiped four times on Mechano-Lord Capacitus before we figured out exactly how to move the DPS folks so that they didn't blow up the tank with opposite charges, but stayed in melee range of the boss, and stayed within range of the healers.
After killing the second miniboss, we discovered that we hadn't looted the key fragment from the first miniboss, so we couldn't make the key to open the chest and get the Badge of Justice from that.

We slogged through the trash in Nethermancer Sepethrea's room and decided to work towards Pathaleon the Calculator instead of fighting Nethermancer Sepethrea. We wiped on the first group that spawned, because I hadn't realized that there were diminishing returns on Cyclone, so my attempt to use cyclone for long-term crowd control failed. And then as folks ran out of the elevator to salvage what they could, one of the astromages got stuck in the floor somehow--she could still cast spells at us, but we couldn't attack her.

We spent about half an hour trying to work around the bugged astromage, honestly. We finally figured out that we could hug the wall and avoid getting blasted by the astromage, even though we were put into combat. And if we went down Pathaleon's ramp, we could start the second wave of groups to fight, even though we hadn't been able to fight the first one.

We wiped a few more times clearing the second wave, and saw that mobs were beginning to respawn as we reentered the dungeon for the last time. (I hadn't previously realized that mobs would respawn there.) We managed to slip past them, but I think we all knew that if we wiped again, we were going to quit.


and we managed to bring down Pathaleon the Calculator on the first try, with no deaths. And Pathaleon dropped the epic tanking sword that the protection warrior had desperately wanted. After hours of painfully slow progress and general clumsiness, our last fight worked out to a degree that I would consider trite and saccharine in a made-for-TV movie.

I think my total repair bill for the whole run was in the neighborhood of 50 gold. But to get our warrior his sword, it was worth it.

[WoW] Addon Development

In another thread of my recent Warcraft play, I've been adding some features to the addon CasterWeaponSwapper to swap my Idol of Terror in and out when I'm in feral form.

I've hit several milestones with this already:
- I've developed a feature for an addon and gotten it to work.
- I've developed an addon feature that I actually want to use.
- ... and which, as far as I know, hasn't been thought of by anyone else.
- ... and I've shared it with someone else, and had them say "Well I love it".

This has pointed out, though, just how rarely I program recreationally anymore. For most programs I'd want to use, there's a whole lot of development of UI and so forth that has to be developed to make the experience nice, but which isn't particularly interesting compared to the nugget of coolness that inspires me.