January 23rd, 2008



Time for more uninteresting WoW smatterings!


Lori joining up has put me in the role of a sugar daddy for the first time.

The difference in financial levels between our characters is tremendous. The amount of money I spend in the course of an evening just to repair my gear is about ten times as much as she's ever seen.

I generally do not play sugar-daddy to my own new characters; I like the sense of pulling myself up by my bootstraps, and I have enough skill with WoW finances that I know how to do that. But for Lori, I'm happy to spend to put her higher on the enjoyment curve.

(There's a feedback loop in WoW:
Skill and gear yields success.
Success yields gear and fun.
Fun yields practice.
Practice yields skill.
It's possible to stay high on that curve where everything is reinforcing each other a lot; it's also possible to fall off the curve and get into a place where your junk gear and poor skills prevents you from getting enough success to get better gear and enough fun to lead you to practice and improve your skill.)

It's also worth noting that Lori doesn't require gear with splendid stats to feel pleased: some of the gifts she's been most pleased with have been pretty dresses with stats that don't particularly help her, and a pretty green shirt.


Lori is now up to level 11, and has just learned Bear Form. If she levels up a few more times before I get my laptop back, it'll be clear that my partner for her should be my level 19 paladin instead of a new character. A paladin-druid pair could be extremely durable.


Bad news about the addon feature I was working on: it turns out that swapping idols resets the autoattack swing timer, so it's very unlikely (albeit not quite proven) that idol-swapping would give me any improvement in melee DPS. So I've stopped my work on my idol-swapping feature.