April 10th, 2008


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I have been out of the habit of posting for far too long. Here's an attempt to catch up quickly.

Socially, things have been fairly busy for us.

We hosted our eighth annual St. Patrick's Day party on March 15. Lori really did a heroic job of cleaning the house for that--I was pretty sick and much less able to help. The party was very quiet for us--I counted a total of 20 people in the house, down from a previous low of 35. But a nice, quiet party suited us well.

Then, the next weekend, we hosted Easter dinner for nine people. Lori's mother had been planning to host, but their domestic renovations made it hard for them to do so--so we ended up hosting without cooking much, which was nice.
We had an impromptu guest to Easter dinner--Lucia Graves is a cousin of my cousin Allison whom we'd met at Allison's wedding. She was visiting Pittsburgh for a week in order to report on Pittsburgh universities for US News & World Report's college issue. I quite liked having her to dinner--not only was she very pleasant, but it feels like good luck to me to have impromptu guests.

We enjoyed Lucia's company so much we got together with her again the next Wednesday for a really splendid dinner at Piccolo Forno. We should remember to eat there more often.

We had planned to host our annual High Tea and Bunny Melt the week after Easter, but several people couldn't attend, so we postponed it for a week. Unfortunately, postponing it merely meant that a different set of people couldn't attend.

It also meant that our last weekend was a dizzy social whirl of parties. On Friday, we went to a wine and hors d'oeuvres party at Heather's house. On Saturday, we went to a going-away party hosted by my boss for the other boss in the office, who's leaving for California. We then left that party to go to a Fryday celebration of the deep fryer at Kevin's.

The Bunny Melt really came off splendidly. All the food came out well (especially Lori's scones and the deviled eggs with Bacon Salt), and for the first time ever, it didn't feel that we had too much food. (Though we weren't risking starvation so much that we considered having dinner that night.)

Tuesday night was yet another family get-together, celebrating Heather and Paul's birthday at a Japanese steakhouse.

We're hoping this coming weekend will be quiet.