April 16th, 2008


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My past few months in WoW have been dominated by raiding and teaming up with Lori.

A few months ago, our guild <Undead Fish> merged with <Cult of the Red Eye> to form <Archon>. The promise of the merger was to have a larger pool that would let us hit 25-man raids like Gruul's Lair more reliably.

No one should be surprised that this merger was accompanied with lots of drama--nothing mean, just heavy loads of reasonable people with different opinions trying to work things out. It was very wearying.

Results on the merger are still mixed. We had a spike in participation in which we were able to field two Karazhan teams for a couple of weeks, with great success (second and third Malchezaar kills, first Nightbane kill), and a Gruul's Lair run that made good progress. But then we've had a slump in which we're having to scrape a bit to field one team, and haven't had much luck with that team. It's rather frustrating.

More personally, I've been splitting my time between leveling up with Lori and raiding. 5-man instances and the new content from patch 2.4 have gotten short shrift.

Raiding hasn't really benefited me personally other than through Badges of Justice. Terestian Illhoof still refuses to drop his squid-on-a-stick for me. However, I have gotten a couple of upgrades to my healing gear--it has given me a hankering to try to develop my healing skills a bit. Unfortunately, I feel so needed as a tank that I don't feel I have time to do that.

Levelling up with Lori has been fun. I have possibly the most healing-oriented paladin tank around--I started this paladin with the intent of making him a healer, but then Lori wanted to play a healer and I had no other characters who could tank, so I've been tanking for her with a holy/protection spec. It's been going well, though I worry that I'm still not really developing my healer skills.

It also ends up that I don't feel very effective when I'm not healing or tanking. (This has been happening a fair bit, because we have a warrior buddy who will be a good tank with more practice.) I've decided that I help out a group by providing stability, by taunting mobs off the healer or healing the tank if need be, and by using Judgment of Justice to suppress runners.

We've been doing a lot of instances; we've now done every appropriate-level Horde instance except Gnomeregan. It's a relatively unusual levelling path, I know--but it maximizes the fun of being a healer, and that's what's important.