July 16th, 2008



We've had some trouble filling Karazhan raids recently. So when I'd saved up 144 Badges of Justice, and I had told myself that on the next raid, I'd either get the squid-on-a-stick from Terestian Illhoof, or I'd have enough badges to buy the Staff of the Forest Lord--well, that raid didn't happen.

I had been holding off on buying the Staff of the Forest Lord for a long time. Part of the reason is that I help our raiding more with my tanking than with my DPS. But a bigger part of it was that I have been enjoying the anticipation of hoping that Terestian Illhoof would drop that staff. So I spent 260 badges on tank items while I was yearning for this staff.

But now, it was time to buy it. It looks very pretty indeed; it's made me happy to have it. And it's a major DPS upgrade; according to my spreadsheets, it raised my expected DPS by 65.

Went back to Karazhan at last on Monday. And I got to DPS on the Maiden of Virtue.

Now, the Maiden of Virtue is the closest thing Karazhan has to a sustained DPS exercise for me. It has aspects that challenge the healers, and interruptions for the ranged DPS. But when I'm there as melee DPS, there's nothing to prevent me from doing straight DPS to the limits of the tank's ability to hold aggro. So it's a good place to test my spreadsheets' DPS predictions.

My predicted DPS for that fight: 939. My actual DPS, according to the WWS report: 934. I'm very pleased with how accurate the spreadsheets' prediction is.