August 26th, 2008


[WoW] Gold and Time

I'm feeling a bit strapped for gold and playtime in WoW lately, and so I want to make a list of my goals and priorities.

"Strapped for gold" and "strapped for playtime" interact with each other, of course. In particular, since Marendyn's been specced for healing, I haven't been doing nearly as many daily quests, so I haven't been making as much gold. It's not that I can't do dailies with a healing spec--but it doesn't have the easy familiarity of doing them with a restoration spec.

Marendyn just got a run through Gruul's Lair. That generated these goals:
- put gems in her T4 shoulders. (gold, done)
- get the fel armaments for an inscription on her shoulders. (gold, done)
- do a run into heroic Slave Pens to turn in the Cudgel of Kardesh quest. (time)
- Respec feral and do some DPSing with a feral spec. (50 gold, some time)

Other goals for Marendyn:
- buy a fourth "Gigantique" bag. (1200 gold)
- pay half of Amedina's epic flying training. (2500 gold)
- PvP enough to get the S2 helm. (time)
- Master heroic Magister's Terrace for the upgrades there. (time)

Marendyn actually has enough gold for all this--in fact, enough that she could do all this and still be covered for anything else that might likely crop up. But it would use more than half of my gold stores, and I'm not making so much gold right now--I worry that it would leave me feeling poor in an unpleasant way.

- Get to Revered with Cenarion Expedition for the physical-DPS helmet enchant. (time)
- gem up all her new gear. (gold, plus time if I want to be careful about what gems I use)
- finish the Thrall-to-Nagrand quest chain. (time)
- Quest and instance with Amedina. (time)
- Level up blacksmithing--she's almost done with the thorium slog. (money or time for materials, some time for smithing).
- Do Shattered Sun dailies to get reputation for the gear upgrades there. (time)
- Possibly PvP for gear upgrades. (time)

Furthermore, I've been thinking of taking up Mazumok again. In particular, I was thinking that Marendyn has gotten enough badges to get the badge rewards she really wants; I could bring Maz or Roktazza to Karazhan on runs when Marendyn isn't needed.
However, to take Mazumok to Karazhan, I'd need to do the following:
- get gems for Maz's gear. (gold, plus time for picking gems)
- respec to Beast Mastery so that soloing might be more fun. (a little gold, but mostly a matter of time.)
- finish grinding Aldor rep to Exalted to get the better shoulder enchantment. (time)
- Do Shattered Sun dailies for gear upgrades. (time)

Now that I've made this list, one thing is clear: Maz can wait a bit longer in order to alleviate my immediate crunch. And if there's a DPS slot open in a Karazhan run, I'd rather take Marendyn in that spot right now anyway.