June 9th, 2009


[WoW] Big Spender

A couple of weeks ago, I spent 60% of my gold over three days. It ended up making me a lot happier.

I had been sitting at about 10,000 gold, and this had the effect of pushing me into an odd spiral:
- I felt I had enough gold to buy most anything I might want.
- So I wasn't doing many daily quests or otherwise spending a lot of time making money.
- So my income dropped.
- So prices seemed high in terms of current income.
- So I wasn't buying things.

But I had a spending spree that I didn't intend:
- I saw an Emerald Whelpling for sale for 1600g, about 60% of the normal selling price. So I bought that.
- I saw someone advertising a desire to trade their Teldrassil Sproutling (normally 3500g) for a Sen'jin Fetish (available for 2000g in the auction house). So I bought the Sen'jin Fetish and made the trade. (The sproutling is super-cute as it sleeps and does the tree form dance. I am glad to have it.)
- I decided that I'd have more fun playing Roktazza if she had swift flying, so I passed 2500g to her so that she could afford it.

It turns out that this has disengaged me from my previous stall. I'm working harder to earn money, and I'm having more fun because I'm doing more.

There's a lesson to be drawn from this, but it should be drawn very carefully. In particular, real life has a lot more necessary expenses, and doesn't tie my earnings so directly to the things I do, so what pleases me more in WoW may not extend to real life.