June 12th, 2009


Stanley Cup

Watched Game 7 of the Stanley Cup championship with Kevin and Dave tonight. The Pittsburgh Penguins beat the Detroit Red Wings in a down-to-the-wire nailbiter of a game--there were shots on goal that would have tied the score if successful within the last five seconds of the game.

The narrowest save that I saw: the puck headed for the goal over Marc-Andre Fleury, who had dived low to block a previous shot. Fleury managed to lift one shoulder just enough that the puck glanced off his shoulderpad and hit the crossbar of the goal net. (We were describing the action in GURPS terms, and decided that in that incident, he'd rolled a failure, spent an action point to get a reroll, and got an exact success on the reroll.)

I can clearly hear someone playing "We Will Rock You / We Are The Champions"--and I don't think that they are on my block. (I investigated, and I was wrong--the likely source was at the end of this block, around the corner.)

One of the stories of this series was that of Marian Hossa, who left the Penguins this year to sign a one-year deal with the Red Wings in hopes of winning the Stanley Cup. I must now don my schadenfreude cravat.

During the debacle of the Penguin's 5-0 loss in game 5, I joked that the best possible interpretation was that the Red Wings were squandering all their points on that game, while the Penguins were hoarding theirs for other games. This turned out to actually be true; the Pens won games 6 and 7 with fewer points than the Red Wings scored in game 5. Over the course of the whole series, the Red Wings outscored the Penguins 17-14; this is the equivalent of winning the popular vote but losing the electoral vote.