June 30th, 2009


Origins 2009

We didn't do much actually at Origins this year. We mostly skipped the con itself, but we drove up on Saturday for the Colorbox's party, and went through the dealer's room on Sunday.

We drove out on Saturday, with a stop for Roadfood at Michael's Beef House and Coleman's Fish Market. Summary verdict: Michael's was not that special, but vastly better than Arby's. Coleman's was not worth a second visit.

The Colorbox party was a good party. I ended up playing Pandemic, which I quite enjoyed and intend to purchase. (One down side of this game: it brings out my bossy streak, since at the end, I found a way to win that required everyone to follow my plan exactly.) I also ended up playing a game of Goldbrau, a game of money-making through stock ownership in beer gardens and breweries. I won, but I didn't feel any great aptitude for the game.

Sunday, we went down for the traditional Sunday brunch with Origins friends, then bought a $3 dealer's room pass and walked around there. I didn't see that much to covet there. The most covetable sight was Geek Chic, who make heirloom-quality gaming tables and other accessories. Utterly droolworthy.
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I noticed a few dealers with smaller displays, particularly Koplow Games and Out of the Box.

Digression: I noticed a lot of iPhones this weekend. In the room with the Pandemic game, almost everyone had an iPhone, and I saw a bunch in the convention as well. And lots of people had customized their phones with apps that served them--for example, a doctor's iPhone had medical references, and the Out of the Box president was using his iPhone to do credit card transactions. Apple really does have something solid here.

After the dealer's room, we went back to visit the Colorbox for a bit, and then left for home. We tried to stop at Mehlman's Cafeteria for another Roadfood stop, but a combination of getting off late and GPS error prevented us from dining there. But it often happens that when we seek roadfood, we find it, even if we don't find our original target, and that happened this time as well. We spotted a sign for Kirke's Homemade Ice Cream, called to learn that they were open late but didn't serve dinner, and visited there after a low-key dinner at Bob Evans.
I got a cone of black cherry rum ice cream that was <i>splendid</i>, with a wonderful rich rum taste. The ambiance was excellent also, because we were able to eat outside at a small gazebo and enjoy a beautiful sunset.
One particularly nice note about Kirke's was their size policy, as expressed in a sign that read (more or less) "You are the boss. We will serve any size you want, from marble to basketball, and charge you by the ounce." I like this a lot, because I am often pleased with smaller portions of ice cream.