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Ralph Melton's Journal

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Saturday, September 19th, 2009
8:06p - Roadfood Eating Tour -- Hasty Notes
My hope is that I'll expand on these notes to larger entries, but given my posting history, it would be reasonable to doubt that. But hey, better than nothing.


- left Lori's school promptly at 3, drove up 28.

- stopped in Bethlehem for the New Bethlehem Peanut Butter Festival
-- got cookies and pastry from Uzi's, whom we've loved in Brookvile. Purchasing cookies to share with Roadfooders turns out to be carrying coals to Newcastle.
-- sampled the peanut butter hot dog. Not very peanut-buttery. More info: http://www.post-gazette.com/pg/06162/697385-34.stm

- beautiful views and beautiful weather near Allegheny National Forest

- Dinner at Eddy's in Salamanca, NY. Good fish fry, bleah salad bar.


- met people at 9, boarded bus at 9:30

- first stop: Dinosaur BBQ in Rochester. Tasty ribs, good pulled pork and beef brisket. Introduced to salt roasted potatoes.

- walked to Nick Tahou's Hots. When the organizer tried to explain to the proprietor Alex Tahou that it wasn't all one check, Alex said (more or less) "being in Roadfood has brought us so much business over the years, it's on the house." So we put a lot of money into his children's charity bucket instead. Had the cheeseburger garbage plate: hash browns, macaroni salad, cheeseburger patty, mustard, meaty sauce (called "hot sauce" but not a hot pepper sauce) all piled on a plate. Pretty tasty, excellent atmosphere--felt really familial.

- Surprise! Greg Marshall, from visitrochester.com, has come on the bus with apples picked yesterday. Excellent apples, though Lori's wasn't perfectly ripe. Also, nice apple cider and/or Genesee beer.

- LDR Char Pit. Tasty steak sandwich (thin slice of steak with melted cheese and onion on a hamburger bun--not like a cheesesteak). Tasty Red Hot--hot dog-like sausage split, grilled, served on hamburger bun. Rick Palermo, proprietor, also said "don't worry about it" when we sought to pay.

- around the corner to Abbott's for frozen custard. Lori got butter pecan and pumpkin custards--very tasty.

- Surprise! We're going to the Orleans County fairgrounds for Cornell Chicken prepared by the East Gaines VFD (at no additional cost to us). Cornell Chicken (marinated in spices, cooked for 3+ hours and basted often): so good. Homemade pineapple cream pie: so good. Homemade apple pie, with local apples: so good, with amazingly flaky crust. I aspire to make pie like this.

- back to hotel. Subset is going to Antoinette's ice cream / candy shop. Lori has vanilla ice cream topped with french chocolate pudding and whipped cream. Ralph has bananas foster ice cream topped with butter-rum sauce. Both tasty. Note: whipped cream is hand-piped. Other interesting toppings on menu include mint-pineapple.
Ralph walks back 3 miles to hotel, burns off small fraction of ice cream, much less other food.

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