November 19th, 2009



Ever since Lori heard that I might be getting my name on an Apple patent, we've been of two minds about how significant this is.
Lori thinks that it's worth mentioning with considerable pride; I tend to grumble that software patents are too poorly examined to hold any credibility. (Claritech got a patent in the late 90s for a process that was basically two-phase commit for a database. To put this in non-programmer terms, this is like getting a patent today on Leeuwenhoek's original microscope--it's not so trivial that you could do it off the top of your head, but there's definitely prior art.)

Now, there's a third perspective on the matter: Apple's. The patent has finally come through, and Apple thinks this is significant enough to give me a bonus for it: $500.

That seems more or less right like the right amount to me--enough to warrant a mention, perhaps justify a nice dinner, but not enough to make a lasting impression.