December 4th, 2009


Pandemic: 6 Epidemics

We won our first game of Pandemic with six Epidemics today. Go us!

It was quite a nailbiter of a victory. We were up to six Outbreaks by the end of the game, so we could not handle many more. We had been running very low on black cubes--we had only three left in the reserve at one point, and still felt that running out of black cubes was very possible. (If we had drawn the last Epidemic, we would probably have lost from outbreaks and from running out of cubes.) And we were running low on cards in the deck--we had only two turns left to play before we ran out of cards.

But we managed to get three black cards into my hand in one cycle around the table, and discover the last cure before things totally exploded. Woohoo!