February 1st, 2010


Pandemic Jan-27

Last Wednesday, we played one of our most nailbiting games of Pandemic yet. (Operations Expert, Dispatcher, Medic, Epidemiologist, with five Virulent Strain epidemics.)

We drew the Rate Effect card early, which means that whenever you draw a card of the Virulent Strain color during the Infection Phase, you draw another card. This gave us a lot of trouble throughout the game, because we had plenty of Virulent-Strain cards in the deck.

We had seven outbreaks by the end; another outbreak would have meant doom. We also ended up with zero black cubes in reserve at one point; drawing a single black card in the infection phase would have lost the game for us. But we won by the skin of our teeth.

Here's a picture of the board after we won. Experienced Pandemic players will recognize this as a board in great peril, with nine different cities that had three cubes, three of which could outbreak before the next epidemic.