February 24th, 2010


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I did something algorithmically interesting today. I don't think it was a blazing new development, but it was clever enough not to be obvious.

This is really rather rare for me. Most of my cleverness gets used on design and code structure, instead of algorithmic tricks.

New Orleans Roadfood Festival

After we had such fun with the Buffalo/Rochester Roadfood tour, Lori and I decided to make the trip down to New Orleans for the New Orleans Roadfood Festival at the end of March.

I am terribly excited about this. I think we're going to have a splendid time. We have gotten a reservation for the main hotel, and signed up for all the special events; this should be a great time.

This will be our first trip to New Orleans, so we're taking an extra few days to see some of the sights. But even two days isn't much time. So I keep obsessing over what to do in our limited time there.

Here's my current list:
- Breakfast at Camellia Grill
- Beignets at Cafe du Monde
- Muffuletta from Central Grocery (unless muffulettas get added to the festival list)
- New Orleans Jazz
- ghost tour
- history tour
- streetcar rides
- at least one haute cuisine dinner
Edit to add: New Orleans Cooking School

This will be such a blast.