April 21st, 2010


The Kindness of Strangers

Lori's new laptop was delivered today. But apparently I hadn't been specific enough in the address I put on the order. So although the web tracking said 'delivered', it wasn't in the office.

I had a meeting preventing me from pursuing this immediately; during that time, Cathy exhausted herself trying to call people to track it down.

Afterward, I called FedEx on Cathy's recommendation. I was told that it was delivered to "5000 Forbes Ave, WH, 6th floor", and that the person signing for it was "B. Diecks".

I walked up the hill to Warner Hall (it started with a W, and was one of the few buildings facing Forbes with a 6th floor), went to the sixth floor, and asked for Mr. or Ms Diecks. Barbara Diecks came out with my package. Great relief was mine.