May 5th, 2010


Pandemic 5-5-2010

Today's game: Troubleshooter (buffed), Epidemiologist (buffed), Dispatcher, Containment Specialist, six Epidemics. Won after a harrowing game in which we were not just flirting with disaster but had progressed to heavy petting. I don't think we could have won without the house rules buffing Troubleshooter and Epidemiologist.

I particularly like our buffs for Troubleshooter, because when we change our behavior to handle an imminent crisis, it adds tension and makes us feel the danger more keenly. In this game, for example, the Troubleshooter's ability let us turn a three-outbreak chain reaction that would have ended the game into a one-outbreak milder disaster. This made it possible for us to win--but it also prolonged the game and kept us on the edge of our seats for longer. And that's good for the game.