June 10th, 2010



I was in error not to start listening to Pandora before. I've been having a blast over the past week trying to customize station to my musical tastes.

So far:
- seeding a station with the Crüxshadows has given me lots of "I see why you recommended that, but it's not quite working for me."

- seeding a station with Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzgerald has been pretty good, but not on target 100%.

- trying to make an bouncy energetic 80s station by seeding with The Ramones, Dead or Alive, and Talking Heads didn't work so well; I've had to reject several several songs from that. (Curiously, Pandora thinks Johnny Cash fits with this station. It's not totally wrong, but it's a surprise.)

- my attempt to create an oldies station by seeding with The Big Bopper worked perfectly. We've been listening for hours to oldies of the sort you can't find on the radio in Pittsburgh anymore.

I just wish that a) Pandora were better integrated with my other iPhone apps (to be fixed with iOS 4, coming in a couple weeks) and b) Pandora were better integrated with airTunes with my Airport Express. For example, I'd like to be able to control Pandora with my iPhone as a remote, the way I control iTunes.