June 15th, 2010


Ordination Party, June 12 2010

On Saturday, we hosted a party to celebrate Mike's ordination as a deacon. It was a nice party, I think.

The weather was beastly, somewhat hot and very humid. We opened all the windows and deployed as many fans as we could, but it was still moist and sticky.

By my count, we had almost fifty guests over the course of the evening, most of them arriving after 6pm.

We had a vast excess of food--we'd planned for fifty people eating dinner, and added an extra entree and side dish to the list, and tried to get appetizers for seventy. I would estimate that we ate about 35 normal-size dinners.

The caterer was Trunzo's Yum-Yum Catering (412-824-2928), and they treated us very well. I would happily deal with them again.
Our menu:
Fried Chicken for 50--about 2/3 eaten. We had lots of leftovers.
Baby Red Potatoes - Plenty of leftovers, but not too many.
Mixed Vegetables - but lots of leftovers.
Potato Salad - eaten only sparsely. We worried about food safety with the leftovers.
Cheese Ravioli entree - 2/3 eaten.
Mini sandwich tray (tuna salad) - eaten only sparsely. We worried about food safety again.
2 Meat, cheese, and fruit trays - We ate about 105% of a tray.
"Topinaud" tray - almost fully eaten.
Vegetable tray - about half eaten.
Bruschetta tray - fully eaten.

We got a full sheet cake from Oakmont Bakery, of which we ate about a quarter. (As I was bringing home the cake, I had to brake hard suddenly because a car pulled out in front of me, and the cake slid off the seat to the footwell. When I got home, the icing at the center of the cake had attached itself to the lid of the box. Fortunately, Lori managed to salvage it and make it look nice again.)

We also had cookies made by Lori, Lori's mother, and Mike's mother. We filled four pizza-sized serving trays with homemade cookies. (My guess is that we put 60 cookies on a tray, and ate 20 cookies per tray.) We didn't really need the 'what if we don't have enough?' cookie tray I'd bought from Oakmont bakery.

If I were planning that party again, here's what I would do differently:
- buy for 35-40 people eating full meals.
- drop the potato salad and the tuna salad sandwiches - it turns out to be easier to keep food safe by keeping it warm than by keeping it cold.
- only have one meat, cheese, and fruit tray.
- get a half sheet cake. don't get the bakery cookies.
- I would still keep the generous cookie baking, even though we had three times as many cookies as we needed; making cookies is an expression of affection among these bakers. But I would work harder at providing containers for people to take cookies home, like a cookie table at a wedding.