July 3rd, 2010


Ohio/Kentucky Trip, Part 1

This year's trip to Origins mutated into a trip through Ohio and Western Kentucky.

Origins has lost some of its appeal for me. I'm no longer playing roleplaying games avidly, and I find myself unable to identify whether I'll enjoy a board game based on the writeup in the program book. The biggest appeal is to see the friends that I only see at Origins. So we've moved towards a pattern of going just for the party and relying on the folks we see there to introduce us to the best games of the year.

I think this won't be one of my great trip reports; we're about to leave on another trip, so I'm just jotting down memories as fast as possible.
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That's all I have time for now. Coming up in a later report: Doe's Eat Place, Rough River State Park, Lynn's Paradise Cafe, Young's Jersey Dairy.