July 13th, 2010


Kentucky Trip, June 28: Paducah, Doe's Eat Place

I'm going to experiment with posting my trip reports in smaller fragments, because I'm terribly behind after our New England trip and it may take me a while to accumulate a full day's reports.

We got to Paducah a bit earlier than our appetites would allow us to dine, so we strolled around downtown Paducah a bit. To Lori's dismay, most of the cute downtown shops were closed. We stopped in the Broadway General Store, an old-fashioned store selling modern groceries:

The proprietor of this store was a hoot; she noticed me taking the previous picture, called out "if you're going to take a picture of the store, you've gotta take a picture of me!" and struck a big pose. I wish I'd gotten a better picture.

At buffetbuster's recommendation, we went to view the murals painted on the floodwall. I was particularly taken by the 50s-retro look of the murals celebrating Paducah's atomic heritage.

On to Doe's Eat Place. We ordered the 1.5-pound tenderloin, because it was the smallest steak they offered. It's possible that I had set my expectations too high; from reading that this was judged the third-best steakhouse in the country, I was expecting meat nirvana, delight beyond compare.

My first bites, though, didn't transport me into ecstasy. I felt that the steak was quite good, but it was well within the realm of what I felt I could achieve myself. (It is quite possible that I overestimate my own grilling capabilities, or that I am not capable of discerning the difference between an very good steak and a near-perfect steak.)
The tenderloin side was much tastier, but still did not transport me to previously-unknown delights of beef.

We drove on to our evening destination: the lodge at Rough River State Park. The lodge was right on the river: this was the view we saw from our doorstep in the morning: