July 14th, 2010


Kentucky Trip, June 29: Lynn's Paradise Cafe

We hiked around Rough River State Park for a bit and got off a bit late. By the time we got to Lynn's Paradise Cafe in Louisville, it was early afternoon, but we called it 'brunch' anyway.

Lynn's has been a favorite of ours, both for the funky decor and for the excellent food.

This is a picture of the bucolic farm scene beneath the surface of our table:

(I'm only including highlights, but you can click on the pictures to see more from Lynn's.)

I ordered biscuits and gravy, with sides of cheese grits and herb braised lima beans. The biscuits were massive and crumbly instead of flaky, a good bed for the mild savory gravy.
This was my first experience with cheese grits; they were very gentle, but pleasant, the sort of thing you could eat when you had been sick and were just returning to eating food with flavor.
The lima beans were about as good as lima beans could be, with mild beans surrounded in rich flavor from the herbs.

Lori ordered the quiche, with sides of soup, baked macaroni and cheese, and biscuits. I've forgotten most of the tastes of her food, but it was all good.

For dessert, we shared a piece of derby pie. It tasted like a fresh-from-the-oven chocolate chip cookie.

One last picture: contenders for Lynn's annual ugly lamp contest.