July 21st, 2010


New England Roadtrip, July 3, part 3: Scotty's American Grill at Eddie's Drive-In

The sauce at Charlie's Pool Room was a bit spicy for Lori, so she insisted that we seek out ice cream. Urbanspoon told us of a place called Purple Cow Creamery near downtown Easton, near the Crayola Factory. Unfortunately, it had just closed as we arrived. It looked like a lovely place; perhaps we'll try again sometime.

The Crayola Museum was long closed, but we took some pictures anyway:

We asked pedestrians on the street where we might go for ice cream, and they suggested the drive-in across the river. Armed with those directions, we managed to locate Scotty's American Grill at Eddie's Drive-in. I believe that the subtext of the name "Scotty's American Grill at Eddie's Drive-in" is "Have you seen the cost of neon these days? Eddie doesn't own the place any more, but the sign is not going to change before Scotty is sure that his new restaurant is working out."

Lori ordered a cookie sundae:

I noticed an Italian hot dog on their menu, and considered ordering that. But the girl at the counter said that the hot dog contained potato chips, which sounded fairly nontraditional. So I ordered a cone of black raspberry ice cream. Signs said that it was Turkey Hill ice cream, so I don't think this was a unique ice cream opportunity. But the picture came out pretty well:

After receiving our ice cream, we ended up talking with Scotty himself. We enjoyed chatting with him; he was clearly proud of his operation and hopeful that it would flourish. He gave us a good recommendation for a motel down the road. He clarified that the Italian hot dog had fried potato slices instead of potato chips, and he said it had won local awards as a traditional Italian hot dog. Given that, I wished I had tried it - but after the mealies and the ice cream, I didn't have enough appetite to give it a try.

I don't feel that I can judge Scotty's as Roadfood-worthy based on a sample of Turkey Hill ice cream, but I liked the place and I liked Scotty. I'd encourage locals to check it out and judge whether it's as good as I think it might be.

Up next: The Original Pancake House.